Diving Christmas Island. Diver by the side of colourful wall.

Diving Christmas Island, ex-Jakarta

Owing to Christmas Island’s location on the edge of the Java Trench, the island drops off into the ocean depths in excess of 3,000m. With many spectacular Drop Off dive sites including Rhoda Wall, The Leap and the amazing views of Perpendicular Wall, may include such sights as lion fish, moray eels, manta rays, reef sharks, hammerheads, enormous tuna, various coral species and turtles, depending on the location, and the season.

Diving Tufi with Tufi Dive Resort

Diving with Tufi Dive Resort | ADEX Specials

Located on the slopes of Mount Trafalgar with stunning views of the fjords below, the Tufi Dive Resort is a lovely resort offering accommodation in comfortable bungalows traditionally constructed from local bush materials and decorated with superb tribal carvings and artifacts. Though diving is the main activity, other options include hiking, birdwatching and village visits.